Sunday, August 1, 2010

Research on Nurses Performance

Salam alaik,
Sekadar perkongsian kepada semua RN dan Nursing student di luar sana. Ni abstract research yang saya jumpa.

Nursing is a core component of patient care. The quality of nursing provided has a significant impact on the outcome of patient care. This study was conducted with the objective of determining the current level of performance and competency of nurses in Hospital Kota Bharu (HKB). Doctors in HKB were asked to assess the level of performance of nurses in HKB. 50 doctors participated in the study. Data was collected through self administered questionnaires. An expert committee of consultants determined the level of performance that was required to ensure quality nursing. The results of the assessment by the doctors was compared with the level of performance required by the expert committee. The competencies assessed were grouped under those relating to personal capability, nursing knowledge, skills, ability to manage relationships and stressful situations. The overall job performance of nurses in HKB was assessed to be 20% below requirement. The nurses were assessed to be best in managing stressful situations with a 14.5% gap between required and assessed performance. They received lowest scores with competencies related to skills -- with a gap of 23%. Competencies related to knowledge, personal capability and relationships had shortfalls of 22%, 2 Id%, and 18% respectively. The study gave information that could assist in planning interventions to improve nursing in HKB and other government hospitals. The results also provided baseline information that could be used in the future to assess the effectivtmess of remedial measures taken.

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