Monday, May 30, 2011


After two month of day to night training at Institut KWSP, finally I got the chance to back to my home town and meet my new niece Nur Azalea, Alhamdulillah. 

In the past two month I'm in the training, a lot of thing I learned. InsyaAllah I'll share the knowledge I gathered there with everyone here. Aside from English classes provided there, I really enjoyed value driven professional classes, Organizational adaptability classes and Creative and Critical Thinking classes. 

I really appreciate the knowledge shared by all facilitators, such as the problem solving techniques, management principles, and personal characteristics. All these knowledge increase my confidence level to work in any organization. Soon I'll share the technique and principle I learned and I bet all of you will love it. 

As the last point for today, I'm really glad to be among the chosen candidates to join the GP program, and really thankful to all my facilitators, motivators and the most important people are my group members and classmates which helps and supports me throughout the training. I'm going to miss you all and hope we will stay keep in touch via our FB group :-)